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(6) Mike Gering

Sat, 28 April 2012

There are so many memorable episodes. Every encounter with Sterett was an adventure. If nothing was happening, you could rely on him to initiate something. And that’s how I remember “pleasant moments”.

At some point during our freshman year, Sterett started visiting people in the evening with a bottle of whiskey named something like “PM”, which he dubbed “Pleasant Moments”. He would insist on sharing a pleasant moment or two before continuing his rounds. He was highly entertaining and compelling with that bottle. I didn’t even like whiskey back then and this was harsh stuff. I think pleasant moments evenings came to an end after he told us of waking up one morning and going into the bathroom shared by the whole floor. While sitting there, he notices a pair of pants on the floor and thinking of how much fun he’d have giving maximum grief to the poor sod who had left them, he fished out a wallet. To his horror and chagrin — it was his!

I had never met anyone like Sterett and haven’t since. He could make you laugh and think, and be facetious and totally sincere, often at the same time.

Mike Gering


(5) Ken Wright

Fri, 18 March 2011

I was saddened to get this news in the mail this week although I realize Sterett’s passing was some time ago. I met Sterett in my first class (Neville Lake’s Third Form Latin class) in the Fall of 1969 and although we did not do a lot of hanging out together he was one of my first acquaintances and we always got on well. My prayers will be with his family.


(4) winn thompson

Thu, 10 March 2011

I am another friend of Sterett’s from St Georges. I too had tried to track him down but was unable to do so. He was a special person who had a wide range of friends.He was always easy to spot in a crowd with his height at 6’2″ or so and his silver blond hair. The last time I saw him was in ’79 or so when I was finishing my senior thesis at the Princeton Middle Eastern studies library and bumped into him there. I recall he was involved with some russian girl at the time. The memories of his other friends on this website bring out his charachter sharply in my mind. I always thought I would run into him in some unexpected place and we would pick up right where we left off talking about the strange world we live in as we did a long time ago on a dark starry night on a hill overlooking Second Beach in Rhode Island. Peace be with you my friend


(3) brad conway

Thu, 10 March 2011

I felt I knew Sterett very well at St. George’s in Newport. We played Chess and his beloved “Diplomacy” at the time, and he loved Steve Winwood, Traffic, and Music of various types. I had a reel to reel and we would listen for hours and went to a Traffic concert staying with his brother in Cambridge. He loved variety, excellence, had a great sense of humor and comraderie, but always was looking for a new challenge. He would give us endless grief, and we gave it back. He was pretty close to Colin Wood, Andy Davies, Mark Wynne-Wilson. Took a lot of advance Math with him. Never let you get too close, sadly and almost impossible to track him down, as he did not like to be seen as pro-establishment anything. We will miss him terribly because he was so engaging and unique. Never much for sports, but everything else he was all over.


(2) Isabel Carmichael

Wed, 23 February 2011

I worked at Sports Illustrated with Sterett on the graveyard shift, under the leadership of Barbara Murray, and liked him enormously. I thought he was brilliant, extremely articulate, and attractive. I even tried to fix him up with my younger sister.

I would Google his name occasionally out of curiosity, just to see what he had ended up doing.

That is what I was doing just now when I read the terrible news. I extend condolences to his family. What a bright star has left our immediate galaxy.

Isabel Carmichael


(1) shohreh shirvani

Sun, 6 February 2011

I found out about Sterett passing last week ! my heart sanked. If u remember me plasease send me somthing!
my deep sorrow to u all.. he was & is the live of my life…

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